• Shrink Film

    Shrink film for food and bottles packaging. It is produced in the full range of dimensions used in the food and bottling industry, after collaboration and consultation with the customer.

    Our company produces shrink film at a lower thickness creating a financial and environmental benefit for the customer and society.

  • Bags for building materials
    Bags for building materials in rolls or in packs of 25 kg are available. There are 4 dimensions available in 2 colors:
15130 Heavy duty bags 38 x 65 Transparent 15 rolls x 20 pcs
15132 Heavy duty bags 40 x 72 Transparent 18 rolls x 15 pcs
15134 Heavy duty bags 51 x 72 White 14 rolls x 15 pcs
15135 Heavy duty bags 55 x 95 White 10 rolls x 15 pcs
  • Rolls for laundry cleaners and carpet-cleaners
    Tube film in roll available for use in carpet cleaners for packing and storage. Correspondingly, there is thinner tube film in roll for clothes storage in laundry cleaners.