• Tapes for agricultural use
    Agricultural tapes which are suitable for attaching vineyards, flowers, saplings etc. They are produced from co-extrusion in two colors depending on the application, orange and blue.
  • Covers for food containers
    Green HDPE films are used to cover and protect the agricultural products and the containers from exogenous factors. They are produced in two dimensions from a material suitable for contact with food.
  • Black and White film
    Three-layered co-extrusion film with different color per layer for particular uses e.g. white and black for special kind of crops.
    It is produced in rolls or bags on request.
  • Beekeeping packaging
    Packaging of food for bees from material suitable for contact with food to reduce the contamination risk and at a lower thickness than the usual found in market for greater benefit to beekeepers.
    Produced on request.